Hard-chromium plating and metal polish, high precision technology

Romania, 300920 Timisoara, Paul Morand Street No.1 (Industrial Park Freidorf)

R-CoatING - Complete services for metal chromium plating

Hard-chromium plating of spinning rings used within textile industry

Having a wide experience and a state of the art technical equipment, we offer you the following services at German quality standards:

  • Metal treatment and coating by hard-chromium plating;
  • Metal parts polishing in the area of intermediate and final preparation;
  • Hard-chromium plating of the precision parts and large size parts (especially in the car manufacturing industry);
  • Parts polishing for different quality levels of the processed surfaces;
  • Checking the roughness of the chromium plated parts;
  • Hard-chromium plating of spinning rings used within textile industry.

Personnel training

The R-CoatING personnel offers German quality services; being trained in Germany.

Thus, the work system developed since 1945 with the partner company Reiners + Fürst Rings and Travellers is applied in Romania with the same precision and professionalism.

300920 Timisoara
Industrial Park Freidorf, Paul Morand Street, No.1

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