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Hard-chromium of spinning rings for textile industry produced by R-CoatING Timisoara, Romania


The field of use of metal processing by hard-chromium plating includes a wide variety of parts, beginning with: hydraulics assemblies, motor components, pressure cylinders, etc, whose surfaces are subject to high mechanical wear.

A chromium layer having at least 1000 HV 0,1 hardness is applied for the protection against this wear. By varying the thickness of this layer a durability adapted to the requests of the clients can be reached.

In the case of anti-corrosion protection, used for household appliances, medical instruments, vehicle parts etc., the chromium coating has  low thickness (about 0,0005 mm) and shows an attractive white-bluish polish.

Mechanical properties

A significant quantity of chromium is used when executing metal coating based on the well known chromium plating procedure.

Reconditioning by hard-chromium plating is applied to parts made of steel. The steel products made up of lower quantities of chromium have a high hardness and a good ultimate tensile strength.

At a thickness of about 0,1 mm of the chromium coating, the chromium plated surfaces acquire a good resistance to wear and corrosion. Such a chromium plating also called “hard-chromium plating" is applied to: the cylinders of the spark ignition engines, sucker rods, barrels of guns etc.

300920 Timisoara
Industrial Park Freidorf, Paul Morand Street, No.1

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