Hard-chromium plating and metal polish, high precision technology

Romania, 300920 Timisoara, Paul Morand Street No.1 (Industrial Park Freidorf)

R-CoatING - Experts in hard-chromium plating of spinning rings

Hard-chromium of spinning rings for textile industry produced by R-CoatING Timisoara, Romania

About Us

We are a young company specialized in the area of metal treatment and coating by hard-chromium plating. Also, we have experience in polishing metal parts both in the area of intermediate and final preparation.

Chromium plating

Regarding the hard-chromium plating, our field of activity is focused mainly on precision parts, used within car manufacturing industry. Due to the dimensions of the electrodes we work with (the feed window of the chromium plating baths

has the dimensions of 3500 mm / 700 mm / 1000 mm) we have the possibility to take over individual orders, requested by our clients, our company being also flexible regarding larger size parts chromium plating.


In the polishing technique area, we have the latest computerized equipment. The different plants and machines allow us to obtain different levels of quality for the processed surfaces.

Our company has a laboratory equipped with the necessary state of the art measuring, control and checking devices,

such as: device to measure the thickness of the chrome coating by magnetic induction, device to check the asperities of the chromium plated parts surface, spectrophotometer, as well as microscopes for quality visual inspection.

ISO Certificates

We are certified ISO 9001.

S.C. R-CoatING S.R.L.

VAT Number: RO16683740
Trade Register Number: J35/2336/2004

Romania,300920 Timisoara
Industrial Park Freidorf
Paul Morand Street, No.1

Telephone: +40 (256) 289 585
                   +40 (256) 300 690

Tele-fax: +40 (256) 300 691

300920 Timisoara
Industrial Park Freidorf, Paul Morand Street, No.1

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Tele-fax: +40 (256) 300 691
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