Hard-chromium plating and metal polish, high precision technology

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R-CoatING - Metal polishing

Metal polishing is a procedure used for metal deburring but also for obtaining a homogenous surface of the processed parts.

During the polishing process, the products are processed, using a high quality German technology, in state of the art machines together with abrasive bodies and special solutions.

By means of vibration movements, the polishing installations produce a friction action between the abrasive body and the part, thus smoothing its surface.

Quality standards

We chromium plate parts which are subject to high wear during the production processes within which they are used.

There is a special resistance in time guaranteed to the processed parts due to the chromium coating performed by us according to the highest quality standards.

300920 Timisoara
Industrial Park Freidorf, Paul Morand Street, No.1

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