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Hard-chromium of spinning rings, for textile industry produced by R-CoatING Timisoara, Romania

We are specialized in the area of metal treatment and coating by hard-chromium plating. We have experience in polishing metal parts both in the area of intermediate and final preparation.

We are mainly focused on precision parts processing, used within the car manufacturing industry but we also have the possibility to take over individual orders.

R-CoatING is a flexible company and may perform chromium plating of large parts as well.

We have the latest computerized equipment, a laboratory and a team specialized on checking and inspecting the surfaces in order to reach top quality.

Our technical equipment as well as our experience in the area recommend us for a future collaboration with our company.

Metal polishing process preceded by hard-chromium plating

About Us

We have wide experience in the process of hard-chromium of spinning rings for textile industry, following a long partnership with the German company Reiners + F├╝rst Rings and Travellers.

We have special technical equipment and we have acquired wide experience in the area of metal chromium plating.

This allows us to state that we have the best arguments for a future collaboration with you.

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300920 Timisoara
Industrial Park Freidorf, Paul Morand Street, No.1

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